The most important tips during the pre-employment polygraph test and decreasing the risk of failing

these are the most important tips during the police pre-employment polygraph test which help to reduce the risk of failing.

  • Familiarity with kinds of polygraph questions: irrelevant, relevant, control/comparison
  • Keep in mind that examiner reads all questions to you during the pre-test. Therefore, you can categorize them in your mind.
  • Familiarity with nonverbal body language indicating truth or lie
  • Learning common interrogation techniques
  • Being cautious during post-test
  • Never change your answers
  • Answering questions directly with confidence and without hesitation
  • Making the best first impression by being clean, having haircut, wearing dress professionally, polishing your shoes
  • Being friendly and calm
  • Smile but do not overdo it
  • Keeping eye-contact with your examiner
  • Being punctual for the test
  • Being careful about your words, appearance and behavior
  • Not being overly talkative
  • Answering yes/no questions with a simple yes or no

if you keep in mind these tips during the police pre-employment polygraph test will help you invrease the chance to pass the exam.


polygraph test for police officer in California, United States by vollmer institute

Police Polygraph Test

This article describes the details and tips of the police polygraph test. All you need to admit in important agencies and organizations are explained here. In this paper, an in-depth look is taken at tips and techniques to pass polygraph pre-employment exam and land your dream job. In addition, this paper gives readers information about using the polygraph in police investigations.

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