To take advantage of polygraph examiner schools in California, United Sates, you can join the Vollmer institute of polygraph. In this polygraph examiner schools in California, you will learn all the basic and advanced polygraph training and finally you will get your polygraph certification from APA. The Vollmer polygraph examiner school provide the best facilities for learning and being professional as much as possible. In the training process, students learn different polygraph techniques, and achieve skill in each polygraph methods which are accessible to polygraph examiners for testing. The training course includes effective set of historical and computerized materials, polygraph books, e-books, journals and newsletters. Training courses include at least 40 hours of specialized training and a minimum of 400 hours of basic training approved by the APA. Some people worried about the title of polygraph examiner school near me. A lot of polygraph courses are held in the Vollmer institute in California, United States.


student’s qualification in polygraph

Polygraph Training Program in United States

This article describes the polygraph training program and the standard of the training process and curriculum. Anyone who is interested in polygraph or intends to be a polygraph examiner must attend training courses.

All the Institutes of Polygraph were established with the objective and purpose to supply polygraph training to eager individuals who are in law enforcement and other organizations. These Institutes provide curriculum and training courses in polygraph sciences. They also provide the students with an opportunity to learn and develop the required knowledge and skills in order to be prosperous in the execution of polygraph tests. Furthermore, they examine the student’s qualification before they receive their diploma. All of these Institutes do not forejudge relying on race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or disability. So they are open to all people.

But the question is how are these educational programs formed on what basis and standard?

The American Polygraph Association validated these kinds of training programs and curriculum and the American Association of Police Polygraphists acknowledge and recognize them.

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