Police polygraph exam is a kind of tool for supporting decision making in staff selection procedure. Nowadays, police polygraph exam is widely used in the United States and some other countries in order to screen police applicants or any other important agencies and organizations.

Unlike diagnostic exams that used in criminal investigations, there are no violations, crimes or accidents in the police pre-employment polygraph exam.

For the first time, Leonarde Keeler signed a contract with Lloyd’s Insurance Company in London in 19930 to test bank employees regularly for embezzlement. After that many countries used this kind of polygraph screening test in their different sectors. Now, the largest user of the polygraph device is the U.S. government. There are 20 federal polygraph programs to screening applicants, employees, and contractors for collecting susceptible information. More than 60 countries know about polygraph capabilities and use it in private and public sectors, such as United States, Mexico, Israel, Japan, South Africa, Bulgaria, Russia, and Canada.


polygraph test for police officer in California, United States by vollmer institute

Police Polygraph Test

This article describes the details and tips of the police polygraph test. All you need to admit in important agencies and organizations are explained here. In this paper, an in-depth look is taken at tips and techniques to pass polygraph pre-employment exam and land your dream job. In addition, this paper gives readers information about using the polygraph in police investigations.

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