Police polygraph questions

The questions containing following subjects are asked during the test:

  • Shoplifting or stealing money or goods from employer or other people
  • Smuggling or illegal sale
  • Illegal medicine use
  • Drug use
  • Alcohol use
  • Forging personal information
  • Taking part in any kind of organized crime
  • Any record of arrest or detention
  • Undetected commission of crime
  • Any secrecy about a case that affects the results
  • Having the experience of physical fight with another person like domestic violence
  • Paying or receiving a bribe

Each police department possesses its own policies. Therefore, their exceptions are different. For instance, some police departments believe that if a juvenile person shoplifted or if a person has not smoked marijuana in the last three years, they can ignore these points.

In conclusion, using the above information as a guide can help you to look for a position in in law enforcement or criminal justice. Moreover, you are aware of activities you must avoid in order to increase your chance of accepting a job position.


polygraph test for police officer in California, United States by vollmer institute

Police Polygraph Test

This article describes the details and tips of the police polygraph test. All you need to admit in important agencies and organizations are explained here. In this paper, an in-depth look is taken at tips and techniques to pass polygraph pre-employment exam and land your dream job. In addition, this paper gives readers information about using the polygraph in police investigations.

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