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The AAFS (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) introduced the types of forensic science into the following category:

  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Psychiatry and behavior science
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Trace Evidence Analysis
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Forensic Podiatry
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Forensic Optometry
  • Forensic Odontology
  • Forensic Linguistics
  • Forensic Geology
  • Forensic Entomology
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Forensic DNA Analysis
  • Forensic Botany
  • Forensic Archeology
  • Digital Forensics
  • Criminalistics

In some cases, other filed can be useful in solving a case. For instance, entomologists (insect scientists), botanists (plant scientists) or computer science can be assist police to solve the case by the help of insects, plants or digital data in the scene.

Forensic science majors contain science and criminal justice. In this field, students learn to gather, store and analyze physical evidence such as blood, hair, DNA, fingerprints, fibers and etc. to solve the case.

Crime scene investigator examines the crime scene and gathers all the forensic evidence related to the crime such as hair, blood sample and fingerprint in order to specify their relation in criminal investigations.Forensic scientist analyzes the samples which crime scene investigator delivered to criminal lab. For this purpose you have to attend the forensics school courses including forensic science academy, forensic anthropology, forensic biology, biology, or chemistry; criminal justice or general studies with coursework in forensics. You can participate in forensics training in California and learn whatever you need to become a forensic scientist. For more information, you can click on the link below.


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A complete Guide to Forensic Science Education

Today, we are seeing a growth in the popularity of the forensic science field, and the number of graduates of various branches of the field is increasing day by day. If you are an eager student considering this area of study, you should get familiar with this widespread field. In this paper, you will read detailed information about criminal and forensic science major.

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