Indeed, pre-employment polygraph tests have played a major role in finding many serious crimes that might otherwise be undetected. During the test, the examinee confesses in his pre-test interview.

Nervous and relieving the anxiety

Since the polygraph test records changes in psychophysiological signs, your overall behavior has no effect on the exam. But, your feelings toward each single question will be considered as truthful, deceptive and indeterminate.

Some people are intrinsically nervous and anxious, although there is no reason to have stress. The fact is that you cannot do anything to reduce your anxiety. However, the following points can be helpful.

  • Remember that your past belongs to the past and you are not able to change it.
  • If you truly want the job, you should not conceal any details about yourself.
  • In the criminal justice community, the most respected character is honesty.
  • Do not disrupt your daily life. Keep in mind that it is a day just like any other day.
  • Be calm and tell yourself it is just a device and somebody asks questions.


polygraph test for police officer in California, United States by vollmer institute

Police Polygraph Test

This article describes the details and tips of the police polygraph test. All you need to admit in important agencies and organizations are explained here. In this paper, an in-depth look is taken at tips and techniques to pass polygraph pre-employment exam and land your dream job. In addition, this paper gives readers information about using the polygraph in police investigations.

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