how to keep physical evidence?

collecting and keeping physical evidence is depending on the types of evidence. for example the wet samples or big samples, solid samples.

Collecting Types of Evidence

  • Fingerprints and also palm prints and bare footprints

One of the most important evidence in the crime scene is the fingerprint, which requires a suspect’s fingerprint as well as fingerprints removed from the victim for comparison.

  • Injury and bruising marks

Injury and bruising or biting marks are found many times in sexual assaults. These signs are always taken photos at different angles and conditions. The more number of photographs, the better result. Some of the older Injury and bruising or biting marks are no longer visible on the skin can sometimes be visualized and photographed using UV light and intermittent light sources.

  • Broken fingernails

A broken fingernail collected at a crime scene can be for the person who has been present in that area several months ago before committing a crime. Broken nails should be placed in a paper packet and then in a paper envelope.

  • Handwriting

Finding specific manuscripts can be collected and reviewed and processed for fingerprints. They should be gathered in paper containers.


forensic scientist tools- fingerprints kit and collecting evidence

Collecting the Evidence: The Most Common Forensic Work Tools

Work in any branch of a Forensics, when you are called to the scene, you are obliged to check all the evidence. As all occupations have their own special uniforms, clothes, and tools, all subcategories of forensics are not excluded from this category. Since Forensic jobs like Crime scene investigators, forensic engineering, forensic scientist and etc., are very sensitive, they should have special clothes and tools.

Because collecting physical evidence such as blood and hair samples as well as keeping them requires special tools. As a result, every day, the number of required tools is increased and scientists are taken to help advance these devices and equipment. For instance, if the scene is murder, the device used to collect evidence with the scene, such as rape or factory fire, is completely different.

In this paper, you will get more information about the most common forensic tools used in the crime scene.

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