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As a word, forensic science is referred to the Latin word “forensis” meaning public discussion. In ancient Rome, there was a marketplace in which people conducted governmental debates or used it as courts of law. In 1659, the word forensic was added to the English vocabulary. Its modern meaning is referred to the legal and criminal investigations. As a term, forensic science is defined with law enforcement, public health, criminal laws and criminal justice. Forensic science programs will educate you how to find clues of the crime. This science helps to understand what occurred, how it occurred and when it occurred. In fact, forensic science is about collecting, examining and analyzing the physical evidence of the crime scene.

There are more than 50 forensic training courses in the United States which students can study bachelor’s degree in criminal and forensic science for 4 years. Besides, there are some other colleges that students can study in the technical aspects of forensic science (such as lab analysis) for 2 years.

Students can attend the forensic academy for forensic training purposes and get their forensic science degree. You can participate in forensic training in California and learn whatever you need to become a forensic scientist.

Forensic science majors contain science and criminal justice. In this field, students learn to gather, store and analyze physical evidence such as blood, hair, DNA, fingerprints, fibers and etc. to solve the case.



How to Become a Forensic Scientist and Crime Scene Investigator in CA

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Those who are eager to find a job position in criminal justice and examine the physical evidence in the crime scene must have a degree in crime scene investigation or forensic science.

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