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There are more than 50 colleges and universities in the United States which students can study bachelor’s degree in criminal and forensic science for 4 years. Besides, there are some other colleges that students can study in the technical aspects of forensic science (such as lab analysis) for 2 years.

Students can attend the forensics school for forensic science education purposes and get their forensic science degree. You can participate in forensics training in California and learn whatever you need to become a forensic scientist.

What job opportunities are available for individual with a graduate degree in the forensic sciences?

There are a wide range of job opportunities for anyone who graduated from master’s level forensic science programs. They can employ in the public and private sectors. For example, they can work in crime laboratory, military facilities, academic centers and etc. in addition, they can also work for research and development laboratory or even continue studying in PhD and professional doctoral programs.


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A complete Guide to Forensic Science Education

Today, we are seeing a growth in the popularity of the forensic science field, and the number of graduates of various branches of the field is increasing day by day. If you are an eager student considering this area of study, you should get familiar with this widespread field. In this paper, you will read detailed information about criminal and forensic science major.

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