Forensic criminologists

What Is Forensics Criminology?

Forensic criminologists examines criminal behavior of criminal and the victims. The aim of this field is to understand the cause of crime and its impact on the individual and society as well as to develop solutions to prevent recidivism in the future.

Forensic criminology utilizes statistics, experimental evidence, past research and quantitative methods to examine crime.

A criminologist should be interested in exploring the causes of the impact and reduction of crime rate in the country. They should also get the ability to predict and prevent crime from committing. If you have interests and tendencies such as nationalism, criminal justice system, inherent interest in adding value to your country and having positive impact on your country and serving your country, criminology will be your best choice.


Forensics Criminology and forensics psychologist are in this picture that shows job opportunities with magnifires

Career Development: Forensic Psychology VS. Forensic Criminology

The universal criminal justice system includes a wide variety of forensic job options for interested parties. Two of the most popular and most important forensic science majors in this field are forensic psychology and criminology. Although these two majors are related to one branch, they are completely different from each other.

In this paper, you will get more familiar with these two kinds of important majors.

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