Forensic Anthropologist

Forensic anthropologist examines human remains such as bones and skeleton, DNA, teeth as well as time of death. They checks bones, collecting them and analyze them. Also they look for any abnormal signs in the bones and teeth. Anthropologists can find information such as Age, weight, sex, height and diet of a person from his bones. They also provide court testimony if necessary.  The average salary of a forensic anthropologist is about $63,000 a year. They work at colleges, universities, forensic labs, forensic settings and law enforcement agencies. The number of people who work full-time as a forensic anthropologist is very few. That’s why they work as professors and researchers too.


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What kind of High Paying Job Opportunities can I Have in Forensic Science?

It can be said that with the increase of police and criminal movies and serials, the interest of people to study in forensic science has increased. Some people think that someone studying forensic science will become a forensic scientist. But this is not the only job title related to this field of study. You should know that this job title is divided into other categories, all of which are scientific experts. In this article, you will inform of some of the highest paying and more popular majors in forensic science.

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