csi clothing

When they are called to the scene, they should wear csi clothing such as disposable gloves, protecting clothes, disposable hygiene face mask, disposable shoe covers, hair covering and safety eyewear glasses.

They also bring themselves the following tools:

  • crime scene tape
  • magnifier
  • flashlight
  • tweezers
  • swab
  • paper sacks and envelopes
  • measuring tools
  • orange evidence flags
  • adhesive lint roller
  • portable infrared, laser or ultraviolet light
  • Digital camera
  • voice recorder
  • sketchpad, logbooks and pens

crime-scene investigators clothind wear gloves uniforms shoe cover having light

Special Tools

On the other hand, there are other special tools, are not used by all subcategories. For example, fingerprint kit is used by crime scene investigators to collect different fingerprint samples. This tool includes fluorescent powder which can demonstrate under infrared, laser or ultraviolet light. CSIs use some brushes especially ones that made of fiberglass and camel-hair to clean the surface they want to collect fingerprint sample.


forensic scientist tools- fingerprints kit and collecting evidence

Collecting the Evidence: The Most Common Forensic Work Tools

Work in any branch of a Forensics, when you are called to the scene, you are obliged to check all the evidence. As all occupations have their own special uniforms, clothes, and tools, all subcategories of forensics are not excluded from this category. Since Forensic jobs like Crime scene investigators, forensic engineering, forensic scientist and etc., are very sensitive, they should have special clothes and tools.

Because collecting physical evidence such as blood and hair samples as well as keeping them requires special tools. As a result, every day, the number of required tools is increased and scientists are taken to help advance these devices and equipment. For instance, if the scene is murder, the device used to collect evidence with the scene, such as rape or factory fire, is completely different.

In this paper, you will get more information about the most common forensic tools used in the crime scene.

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