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Career Development: Forensic Engineering – Forensic Science Jobs

This paper is about the complete information about forensic engineering major. Also, this article describes the required skills, training courses and degrees for job applying as a forensic engineer.

What Is Forensic Engineering? What Is a Forensic Engineer?

Forensic Engineering is a major forensic science branch that can help resolve criminal and legal cases if needed. A person who is certified as a forensic engineer can find reasons for what happened related to not-working properly parts of machines and devices.

What do forensic engineers do?

When forensic engineers are called to the crime scene, they look for a device or machine such as a car, motorcycle, factory machine, bridge and etc. which has been malfunctioned to find clues and gather physical evidence about the incident.

The Two Roles that Forensic Engineers Play

The task of each forensic engineer is divided into two sections: Detective and Engineering.

The role of the detective contains all the relevant efforts to help law enforcement to find out the reasons and details of exactly what happened. For example, imagine a car was swerved from the road and fall into a valley and the driver was dead. A few questions come up. Why was the car swerved from the road? Have the car brakes been manipulated? Did the car wheels have any problem? Was it suicide? Has anyone killed a passenger before the falling? Did the driver fasten his seat belts?

But engineering is the most important task of a forensic engineer. In this case, the forensic engineer tests all the collected evidence and writes a report. In addition, this report can be utilized at the court. For instance, a forensic engineer can understand how fast was the car at the time of the fall?

california forensic engineer Investigator in car accident and analyding why this crash happened

How much does a Forensic Engineer Make a Year?

Forensic Engineer’s Salary and Income

The range of annual average salary for the forensic engineer is about $51000 to $94000. There are some factors which have an impact on the amount of salary.  Certainly, experienced people will have more income than beginners. Some other factors are the number of forensic engineers in your workplace, Individual life costs, education level, and degrees and etc. Another important factor is where you work. Whether you work as a private contractor or simple employee, governmental organizations or private company is directly has relation to your salary.

How long does it take to become a forensic engineer?

What degree do you need to be a forensic engineer? What courses should you learn? A person who is interested to become a forensic engineer must obtain his/her bachelor’s degree in forensic engineering with a four-year forensic training program. There are some sub-fields of engineering such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, and computer engineering which can be admitted to study forensic engineering.

Common courses are as follows:

  • Engineering fundamentals
  • Systems
  • Distributed systems and fields
  • Advanced mathematics
  • Control theory
  • Network forensics
  • Digital forensics
  • Structural analysis

Required skills:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Issue-solver
  • Critical thinker
  • Good deductive reasoning skill
  • Time management
  • Reading comprehension skill
  • Good listening skill
  • Mathematics
  • Social perceptiveness
  • System analysis
  • Control precision
  • Depth perception from all details
  • Good communication skills
  • Curiosity and attention to details

this pic shows a house was burn in fire and forensic enginner comes to analyze the accident for inssurance

After, this person should obtain a state license in order to have a work permit. For obtaining the state license, all people should take a Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. You can attend the training program to become ready for the exam. To get started, you must work for one year as a trainee or experimentally to show your forensic engineering skills.

Once you have completed these steps, you become a forensic engineer who can apply for a job to different sectors. You will have job opportunities such as working for/work as a:

  • Government agency
  • Police force
  • Car company
  • Forensic engineer consultants
  • Expert witness
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Transportation company
  • Energy and fuel sources
  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Construction and fire safety
  • Electrical
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