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Polygraph Training Program in United States

This article describes the polygraph training program and the standard of the training process and curriculum. Anyone who is interested in polygraph or intends to be a polygraph examiner must attend training courses. All the Institutes of Polygraph were established with the objective and purpose to supply polygraph training to eager individuals who are in […]

Certified Polygraph Examiner

This article presents an overview of the findings in the polygraph training program focusing on how to become a polygraph examiner.  Also, it is going to show you the steps and process of obtaining a degree. Afterward, you get information about the Workplace, salary، benefits, and job opportunities. Moreover, the article describes your required skills […]

Polygraph Examination Procedure

Polygraph device helps to reveal the truth from the lie. For this reason, a test procedure is performed on the accused or a person. At first the device sensors are attached to the chest and fingers of the individual. Then, the person responds to some questions and the device records psychological symptoms on the paper. […]

How Does A Polygraph Device Operate?

Have you ever heard about a polygraph device? Do you know how the polygraph works?  Do you have any information about how to perform a polygraph test? These are the questions which the following article answers and explains. You will be more familiar with the way polygraph monitors biotic signs, the test process and the […]

What is polygraph

A Brief Introduction to Polygraph: This article will describe the etymology, word formation and definition of the polygraph to the readers. After a brief explanation of the title, the article will explain about the concise history of the polygraph. Then, it talks about the creation of polygraph idea and the theory. In the end, you will […]